REM Exposure Calculator

This preliminary exposure time calculator for REM instruments. For any questions, please write to dino.fugazza @
The software uses an aperture radius of 3 arcsec (ROS2 0.59"/px while REMIR 1.22 "/px) to compute the S/N.
All filters S/N or exposure (DIT) are computed. For REMIR you can include the filter H2 and/or Z in the process.
At this moment we assume a point source, next version we include also the extended source.
The maximum exposure time for ROS2 is 300 sec, for REMIR the maximum suggested DIT is 60 sec for J, 30 sec for H, 15 sec. for K and 90 sec for Z and H2.

Source specifications

SED: Power Law Spectral index: Black Body Temperature (°K):
Brocken Power Law Spectral index1: Spectral index2: Lambda0 (Å):
Template Spectra Uniform with wavelength Redshift:
Flux: Magnitude:  Band:

Sky conditions

Days from new Moon: Airmass:

Instrument Setup

Output type: Signal to Noise Exposure Time (sec)
ROS2: Gain: Exposure Time (sec): Number of Exposure: S/N:
REMIR: Include H2 filter
Include Z filter
DIT (sec):
x 5 ditherd images
Number of Dithers cycle: S/N: