REMIR infrared camera

The infrared camera is working from 1 micron to 2.3 micron. Its optical layout is shown here and the choice of filter is possible thanks to a rotating whell within the cold dewar. The temperatures of the various places inside REMIR is shown in the tREMometer plot.

The NIR array on the image plane is a Hawaii I with a useful area of 512x512 pixels. The pixel scale is 1.2 arcsec/pix for a total field of view of about 10x10 arcmin.
There are 4 filters available on the wheel: z, J, H, K'. The z filter is truncated by the 1 micron cut of the dichroic. The response of the J, H, K filters is reported below.

Magnitude limits
From different measured frames obtained in the Sep/Oct 2006 period, here we present typical [t_exp, mag, S/N] performances for REMIR camera.
J band

H band

K band