REM - scheduled programmes for AOT-35

Observation programmed for period Apr 2017 - Oct 2017.

This list includes guaranteed time programmes and those submitted to INAF-TAC and successfully approved.
We list here with number 357xx the programmes approved by Chilean CNTAC.
PI can contact REM Team ( before semester starts if she/he needs particular procedures and will be warned when observations will be performed.

IDTitlePI NameInstituteAllocationLT *
35002Optical/NIR monitoring of Fermi-TANAMI Active Galactic Nuclei R. Nesci INAF-IAPS 30 30 1st
35003REM monitoring of the Be/X-ray transient 1A0538-66 L. Ducci IAAT University of Tuebingen 29 42
35004A multiwavelength view of the evolving jet in black hole transients P. Casella INAF-OA Roma 12.6 12.6
35016EXORCISM - a monitoring programme of EXor outbursting sources S. Antoniucci INAF-OA Roma 30.7 30.7
35017Monitoring of X-ray Binaries in outburst with REM P. Goldoni APC/UMR 15 15
35020REM contribution to the world-wide search for an electromagnetic counterpart of a gravitational wave triggerS. Campana INAF-OA Brera 20 20
35023REM follow-up observations of gamma-ray flaring blazars F. D'Ammando INAF-IRA Bologna 34 34
35024Prompt emission and early afterglows of gamma-ray bursts A. Melandri INAF-OA Brera 100 100
35033Hunting for transitional millisecond pulsars with REM A. Papitto INAF-OA Rome 24 24
35035Detecting exoplanetary atmospheres with <1-meter class robotic telescopes F. Borsa INAF-OA Brera 80 80
35202Mira among C Stars, Phase II: The most promizing candidates P. Battinelli INAF-OA Roma 0 20 2nd
35217Continous long-term monitoring of Fermi Blazars A. SandrinelliINAF-OA Brera/Univ. Insubria 30 30 2nd
35311Simultaneous monitoring of γ-ray emitting narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies with REM and Fermi F. D'Ammando INAF-IRA Bologna 150 150 3rd
35314AGN as cosmological probes - measuring geometric distances to supermassive black holes D. Watson University of Copenhagen 2.8 7 3rd
35739Characterizing ASAS-SN Transients: Physical Properties, Progenitors, Distances, and Rates J. Prieto UDP 82 82
35742Testing Type II supernovae as cosmological probes at near-infrared wavelengths O. Rodriguez UNAB 30 30
Long Term programmes: in this column is shown the running semester number.

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