REM - scheduled programmes for AOT-37

Observation programmed for period Apr 2018 - Sep 2018.

This list includes guaranteed time programmes and those submitted to INAF-TAC and successfully approved.
We list here with number 377xx the programmes approved by Chilean CNTAC and with number 378xx the programmes approved by OPTICON-TAC.
PI can contact REM Team ( before semester starts if she/he needs particular procedures and will be warned when observations will be performed.

Programmes are listed in descending order of TAC evaluation, from wonderful down to sufficient. Italian, OPTICON and Chilean TAC evaluations are not correlated.
IDTitlePI NameInstituteAllocationLT *
37031GAPS2: the origin of planetary systems diversity G. Micela INAF-OA Palermo 36 36 1st
37041REM contribution to the world-wide search for an electromagnetic counterpart of a gravitational wave triggerS. Campana INAF-OA Brera 20 20
37017Follow-up and characterisation of fast transients S. Campana INAF-OA Brera 30 30
37020AGN as cosmological probes - measuring geometric distances to supermassive black holes D. Watson University of Copenhagen 28 70 1st
37021Prompt emission and early afterglows of gamma-ray bursts A. Melandri INAF-OA Brera 100 100
37006Hunting for transitional millisecond pulsars with REM A. Papitto INAF-OA Roma 25 25
37004EXORCISM - a monitoring programme of EXor outbursting sources T. Giannini INAF-OA Roma 30.7 30.7
37033Rotation Periods for Rapidly Rotating Late-M and L Dwarfs A. Burgasser UC San Diego 93 93
37016Monitoring of X-ray Binaries in outburst with REM P. Goldoni APC/UMR 15 15
37022Variability patterns and star/disk geometry in young stars in Lupus and Chamaeleon I A. Frasca INAF-OA Catania 36 36
37039Red Dots: finding terrestrial planets around the closest stars to the Sun F. Borsa INAF-OA Brera 170 170
37025A multiwavelength view of the evolving jet in black hole transients P. Casella INAF-OA Roma 25.2 25.2
37040Long-term infrared monitoring of the candidate TeV binary HESS J1832-093 N. La PalombaraINAF-IASF Milano 36 36
37027A pilot survey for the study of the quasar optical variability with REM S. Cristiani INAF-OA Trieste 384 384
37007REM monitoring of two Be/X-ray transients L. Ducci AAT University of Tuebingen 71 92
37302Optical/NIR monitoring of Fermi-TANAMI Active Galactic Nuclei R. Nesci INAF-IAPS 30 30 3rd
37402Mira among C Stars, Phase II: The most promizing candidates P. Battinelli INAF-OA Roma 0 20 4th
37732Characterizing ASAS-SN Transients: Physical Properties, Progenitors, Distances, and Rates J. Prieto UDP 112 112
37825Searching for Fast-radio burst counterparts S. Campana INAF-OA Brera 20 20
37831Galactic Transients with Gaia S. Hodgkin University of Cambridge 49 49
Long Term programmes: in this column is shown the running semester number.

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