REM - scheduled programmes for AOT-47

Observation programmed for period Mar 2023 - Sep 2023.

This list includes guaranteed time programmes and those submitted to INAF-TAC and successfully approved.
We list here with number 477xx the programmes approved by Chilean CNTAC and with number 478xx the ORP programmes approved by REM director.
PI can contact REM Team ( before semester starts if she/he needs particular procedures and will be warned when observations will be performed.

Programmes are listed in descending order of TAC evaluation, from wonderful down to sufficient. Italian, Chilean TAC and ORP evaluations are not correlated.

IDTitlePI NameInstituteAllocationLT *
47008Monitoring of X-ray Binaries in outburst with REMC. BaglioNew York University of Abu Dabi1515
47037Characterising the elusive interacting transientsG. ValerinINAF-OA Padova5050
47011Prompt emission and early afterglows of gamma-ray burstR. BrivioINAF-OA Brera100100
47030Follow up of Swift XRT real-time transientsS. CampanaINAF-OA Brera77
47031A multiwavelength view of the evolving jet in black hole transientsP. CasellaINAF-OA Roma37.837.8
47041REM monitoring of young stars suspected of secondary dust productionL. ChenKonkoly Observatory5.55.5
47017REM monitoring of the Be/X-ray transient 1A 0538-66L. DucciIAA University of Tuebingen2942
47020Photometric monitoring of Type II Cepheid variables with spectroscopic metallicities from Gaia-RVSA. BhardwajINAF-OA Capodimonte100100
47019Near Infrared follow-up of newly discovered Classical CepheidsV. RipepiINAF-OA Capodimonte1001001st
47022Pre-supernova outbursts in Galactic Red Supergiants: predicting the next Galactic SN eventF. BocchinoINAF-OA Capodimonte60601st
47021Monitoring BL Lac objects with unknown redshiftF. D'AmmandoINAF-IRA Bologna3535
47425Time evolution of active phenomena in the prototypical young eruptive star EX LupE. FiorellinoINAF-OA Roma884th
47531GAPS2: the origin of planetary systems diversityG. MicelaINAF-OA Palermo36364th
47755The Near-Infrared photometric studies of nearby Type Ia SNeL. WangUniversidad de Chile3030
47776Photometric follow-up of the OMA Spectroscopic Survey of Bright Optical Tran- sients (SSBOT)E. HueichapanUniversidad Diego Portales6161
47739Multi-color photometric follow-up of a 7-magnitude FUor-type eventZ. GuoUniversidad de Valparaíso44
47708Photometric follow-up of Gaia microlensing eventsR. MendezUniversidad de Chile1717
47838Probing the inner structure of young stellar disks with spectrophotometric+interferometric observationsS. KrausUniversity of Exeter2727
47828Galactic Black Holes from Gaia astrometry and time-domain photometryM. GromadzkiWarsaw University3030
Long Term programmes: in this column is shown the running semester number.

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